About Woodlands Network

Woodlands Network

Centre for Hill Country Eco-tourism in Sri Lanka

The goals of Woodlands Network, based on the mission statement are as followed:

1. Offer local people, especially the untrained and the poor, the opportunity for self-employment and self-development. Help them by giving advice, practical training and emotional support. Encourage people to use their own initiative and have self belief.

2. Give tourists and volunteers a better understanding of Sri Lanka and its way of life: the social traditions, food culture, heritage, religion, natural beauty, agriculture and industry.

3. Offer eco-tourism which only uses the existing local resources infrastructure and features of the Uva Province like public transport, guest houses, homestays, sites of heritage and natural beauty.

4. Promote cultural exchange and friendship between local people, staff, tourists and volunteers. Encourage respect and understanding of each other and give them the opportunity to share skills and to learn from one another.

5. Support local social initiatives (e.g. a local orphanage, home for adults with special needs and a bio-tea project) by sending them volunteers with the relevant skills, experience and enthusiasm.

6. Support itself through commercial projects (e.g. selling cookbooks, tea, spices, guided walks, cookery demonstrations and products from the farm), donations and sponsorship.

7. Guarantee all profits are put back into the local community in a positive and constructive way.

8. Provide a friendly and caring centre for volunteers and research students. Set up work projects for the volunteers but also encourage them to use their own initiative.