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Woodlands Network is opened from Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 5.00pm. However you can also try to visit the office outside opening times as there is always someone at the office to welcome you.

Bandarawela can be reached by bus, train and taxi. The taxi is probably the fastest and most comfortable way of travelling through Sri Lanka. However, it is also by far the most expensive way, compared to bus and train. If you come from Colombo, the price should be around Rs. 7000/-. From Kandy the price is around Rs. 4000/-. From Colombo it will take around six hours to reach Bandarawela, and from Kandy it will be around three hours.
Buses are much cheaper than the taxi, but can be less comfortable.   There are two types of buses: the regular buses, and the intercity buses. The regular buses are cheaper than intercity buses, but can be very crowded and will take a longer time to reach Bandarawela. Intercity buses are smaller and more expensive than the regular buses. Travel time is for the intercity buses is almost the same as travelling with taxi.
The train is without a doubt the slowest way of transport, compared with the taxi and bus. From Colombo it will take up to ten hours to reach Bandarawela. Prices will vary, depending on which class you travel. The train has three classes, with the first class as most comfortable and thus most expensive. If you would like to travel first class, it is necessary to book seats ten days on beforehand, as first class seats are gone very fast. For  departure times, see the train schedule.

In Bandarawela, Woodlands Network can be easily reached by tuk-tuk or by walking. For walking directions, see the map of Bandarawela.
When travelling by tuk-tuk, the price should be no more than Rs. 50/-. Be aware that some tuk-tuk drivers will tell you that Woodlands Network has closed down and doesn’t exist anymore, and will try to take you to other places.  Please do not believe these stories. Woodlands Network is alive and still going strong.


Woodlands Network




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Woodlands Network

Centre for Hill Country Eco-tourism in Sri Lanka