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ontrast to the impression it gives to the ones who only stay in the business part of the town territory, Bandarawela is the greenest town in the island. It is built on a wooded slope calling it a garden town, although there are not many inhabitants who like gardening. Tree clusters and parks around bungalows are part of the town green. Who sees our accommodation in the green, only  has to move into one or the outskirt, sure to find a guesthouse or even a hotel in nature .

Walking the town is delightful. There are green long winding roads as well as rows of steps by way of short-cuts. Whether you approach the town by train or bus, you do not except to end up in a densely built-up area. Do not let yourself be shocked.

The built-up area is limited and on all sides you leave it after less than one kilometre for nature. The town is built halfway on a long slope, with hills on the south of it (Poonagalla Road behind the station). Towards the West (Haputale) the slope descends towards a river in the valley. City walks can be taken in all directions with easy returns to the town centre.

You can stay here for days at a stretch and from here explore the area on foot or by public transport.